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Whether beginning the conceptual phase of your project or you've been working with an architect for some time, the best time to seek a Haven Feng Shui for architecture consultation is before you break ground or launch your major marketing push.

In real estate, those familiar with the feng shui of a building; its rooms, apartments or suites, gain a valuable marketing edge. They know which units will sell for a substantially higher premium over those with lesser feng shui profiles and use this to their advantage. Developers and architects that design according to feng shui principles create buildings and units with global appeal, attracting feng shui savvy buyers from around the world.


A comprehensive review of architectural plans, land development or concept design with master-level Haven Feng Shui consultant, Katherine Graham, includes:


  • Landform Feng Shui to ensure proper positioning and to harness the best feng shui energies for your particular lot or location

  • Mitigate potentially harmful environmental factors brought by surrounding land forms, neighboring buildings, roads, traffic flow, etc.

  • Maximize your building's flow, function and form through feng shui principles

  • Minimize design flaws or near misses that could cost you money or cause problems

  • Selection of materials and colors to enhance design, layout and balance the Five Elements

  • A floor plan that works with the owners' unique energy requirements and aesthetic preferences

  • Buildings designed to sit in their unique "power position" in order to harness the most positive feng shui energies


Katherine consults with owners, developers, designers and architects from the initial design process through installation/construction and beyond to ensure your project accurately represents and incorporates authentic feng shui principles.


Recent Feng Shui for Architecture projects include: multi-tower, high-end, mixed-use luxury development, large-scale office space build-outs, corporate restructuring and downsizing, relocation selection and redesign of existing spaces. She has also overseen the development of retail display space and the construction of several high-end professional offices alongside design firm VeenendaalCave.


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