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Feng Shui acknowledges that each person has unique energy requirements. Knowing your Kua Number and Life Group (East or West) helps to ensure you are sleeping, sitting and facing one of your good directions and receiving the most beneficial energy for you.



Kua Number and Personal Element


In Eight Mansions Feng Shui knowing your Kua number and Personal Element is mandatory for personalizing your Feng Shui. Each person resonates best with their Kua number element, its colors and likely exhibit some it not all of the energetic expression in their personality. Use the chart below to determine your Kua number and Personal Element assoicated with it so that you can enhance and nourish your own element in your space for powerful results. 

Use the chart below to find your Kua Number or you can do it yourself, it is very easy!


HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR KUA NUMBER: Add the last two digits of your birth year together until you get a single digit. Then, FOR MEN, subtract that number from ten. FOR WOMEN, add that number to 5.


For example: 1977 (7+7=14, and 1+4=5. For a woman, add that to 5 (5+5=10). Your Kua Number is 1. For a man (10-5=5, Your Kua Number is 2 (Kua Number 5 becomes 2 for Men and 8 for Women. It is the only Kua Number that is converted this way and is because in the Flying Star Luo Shu square, where the Kua Number concept originated, 5 is in the center and has no official "palace."



Find your Kua Number below. Note: For personalized Feng Shui, use the element associated with your Kua number not your astrology element to begin adding your personal element to your surroundings along with the element that nourishes or "creates" it. For example, if you are a 3 or 4 Kua Number your personal element is Wood therefore you need Wood element colors and items in your home as well as Water element since Water nourishes Wood. (see Five Elements Creation Cycle) Also be sure to represent each of the other Five Elements to balance your space. An overabundance of an element is just as detrimental to a space as a deficiency.

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Kua Number Chart

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