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Dominant fire element people stand out! They shine, sparkle and pop. They are extroverted, intense, outspoken, aggressive even, popular, energetic and frank. They can also be clinging, all-consuming and prone to extremes and burnout.


If you are a dominant fire element or your element is created by fire (earth) you will harmonize with fire energy in a natural, soothing, supportive way. It will elevate your personal level and you will feel at home with this element. If your element is exhausted or "burned up" (wood and metal elements respectively) by fire you will find living with too much of it leads to irritability, burnout, exhaustion and a general feeling of unease.


All interiors should be balanced in a way that respects, honors and deeply nourishes the elemental make-up of those living there.

Fire energy heats up, illuminates and activates a space. Like water, there is only one fire element represented in the bagua- the eight areas of life that are balanced through the art of proper placement and intention. Fire burns deep within the earth's core producing its mantle and the ground we walk on. It is power, action and energy, both creative and destuctive. A little fire goes a long way.


Fire, along with its representative colors: red, orange, bright yellow, hot white and violet, is a polarizing element. You either love it or hate it with as much intensity as its colors are vibrant. There is not much in between when it comes to the fire element.


Too little fire in an interior and dampness seeps in potentially causing mold issues, depression and lethargy. Too much fire leads to exhaustion, burnout, aggression, even violence and health issues such as inflammation and adrenal fatigue. 



Fire element can be brought in through color, pattern and decor items. Vibrant yellow, chevron prints are both Fire element. Bright lights, candles and fireplaces are also Fire.

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