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2017: Year of the Fire Rooster, Annual Feng Shui Report

Congratulations! You endured 2016, a Black year and a tough year for many. Now we can all look forward to having the #1 White Star of Victory on our side. 2017- The Year of “Divine Selfishness” If you hadn't notice, the energies of the world are changing. The old ways of doing things are no longer getting results. Love him or leave him, Donald Trump is representative of these new feng shui winds. 2017 is dominated by the #1 White Star of Victory, ushering in new beginnings and a fresh cycle under the reign of the mighty Fire Rooster. Also known as the Crimson Phoenix, the bird of 2017 is not your neighbor’s sweet little backyard pet clucking and crooning at the morning sun. When the discipli


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