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Why You're Here


Katherine works with existing spaces or with architect+design teams to increase positive energy and down-play any negative through the time-tested principles of good feng shui design- this in turn supports everyone in a home or office.


You are left with a space that FEELS as good as it looks and that works to usher postive chi (energy) into your life and business.




"I am very interested in the many and varied ways spaces and buildings impact health and overall quality of life. Let's discuss ways you can enhance your life, improve profits and create beautiful spaces through the ancient art of placement." 


-Katherine Graham, CFSP, CFSS


Clients seek Feng Shui for many reasons, Katherine believes, but mainly because they are ready to "up" their vision for their business, life and surroundings. Katherine sees space and its ultimate potential through the lens of a highly technical approach to feng shui known as Classical Feng Shui. She takes clients through the steps to see deeper, appreciate the intimate connection to their space and create an amazing, joy-filled, unstoppable life and business from the inside-out. She works with home and business owners as well as architects, designers and developers to enhance the positive, mitigate the negative and create spaces and buildings where everyone prospers.


Katherine is trained in several schools of Feng Shui: Classical and Flying Star Feng Shui under Lillian Too in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Western Feng Shui at the East Coast Academy of Feng Shui and Black Sect Feng Shui with James Jay. As a Certified Color Consultant she is also proficient in the psychology and emotional connection to color and how color trends can impact the look and feel of a space for years to come.



Katherine's unique results oriented, service-based approach combines certain astrological nuances of Feng Shui with visual, environmental and personal enhancement aspects, which are continually refined and validated in her private practice as both useful and relevant. Using a breadth of knowledge and experience she provides win-win solutions for developers, realtors and business clients using Classical Feng Shui combined with Western sensibilities. Her motto: "Dismiss Dogma, Seek Results."


No other Atlanta-based Feng Shui practitioner offers greater value or options for success utilizing Feng Shui. Her clients will tell you she truly cares about your goals and results.


Katherine offers fully confidential assessments to see how the real, time-tested power of Feng Shui can transform your business, development or office to support, nurture and inspire you for years to come.

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