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Feng Shui for new construction, developments, real estate speculation and building renovations+re-design encompasses architectural spec review, custom floor plan design, layout of amenities, structural enhancements, furniture placement and building material recommendations plus more depending on the needs, scope and scale of the project. Katherine works with developers, interior designers, architects, realtors and builders to implement a personalized, practical feng shui plan for optimized form, functionality and flow. This in turn provides the development internationally recognized feng shui credentials through optional certification along with an enhanced, global marketing strategy and overall brand visibility.


Are you in a place of power and complete focus at work? Does your office foster the respect and reputation you've worked hard to achieve? The importance of your work space and the messages it sends to others should not be overlooked. Where the boss is located, colors schemes used, visual symbolism and other key factors that grow a business and usher in success are analyzed during a Feng Shui for Business consultation. Katherine has worked with Atlanta attorneys, investment bankers, real-estate developers, asset managers, communications directiors, window fashion showroom clients and more. 


Your space is information- what is it saying about you? Haven Feng Shui provides personalizd feng shui floor plans for your home and interior spaces based on your unique energy requirements, life-stage, cultural reference and aesthetic preferences. Learn more about Haven Feng Shui for Interiors here.


Personalized Feng Shui Color Sessions are also availale and include a comprehensive color analysis of your space with detailed recommendations, complete with paint names and personalized color schemes. These color recommendations can be used for interiors, exteriors even personal branding and clothing. 


Color has the power to heal, transform and speaks volumes about a person or space. It is also the easiest way to transform an interior, balance a room and uplift your spirits for joy-filled, inspired daily living.



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