2017: Year of the Fire Rooster, Annual Feng Shui Report

Congratulations! You endured 2016, a Black year and a tough year for many. Now we can all look forward to having the #1 White Star of Victory on our side.

2017- The Year of “Divine Selfishness”

If you hadn't notice, the energies of the world are changing. The old ways of doing things are no longer getting results. Love him or leave him, Donald Trump is representative of these new feng shui winds. 2017 is dominated by the #1 White Star of Victory, ushering in new beginnings and a fresh cycle under the reign of the mighty Fire Rooster. Also known as the Crimson Phoenix, the bird of 2017 is not your neighbor’s sweet little backyard pet clucking and crooning at the morning sun. When the discipline and clarity of the inherently yin metal Rooster meets with the unbridled passion and heat of a fire year, the energies may at times feel like a whiplash of extremes. The best way to overcome the duality of energies influencing the upcoming year will be through cool-headed, strategic discipline and looking out for your own, personal interests. Also, keep your eyes open to the immense opportunities surrounding you in order to strike while the iron is hot!

With incredible wealth and growth potential combined with the year’s abundant fire signaling the need to keep passions, ego and opinions in check this year, think of 2017 as the year to put your head down and practice what is known as “divine selfishness.” Much like Trump plans to focus on America’s interests over those of the rest of the world, it is very much the year to “Make You Great Again!”

Knowing the annual feng shui charts and opportunities coming to us on the new feng shui winds that settle in for good on January 28th will do you little good however if you do not activate the incoming lucky stars with both inner and outer feng shui. With both of these attended to, you will be sure to witness spectacular growth, experience healing self re-invention as well as see real wealth accumulation this year. Read on to learn what you will need to do to lessen/control some of the more negative annual influences and also tap in to the very lucky annual stars heading our way. Plus, you will be getting a much needed head start in what is sure to be a highly competitive year by activating the double “lap chun” luck that brings abundance, resources and the upward growth energy of a double spring!


Although we are very fortunate to have a balanced Paht Chee chart this year with the presence of each of the Five earthly Elements indicating a more balanced and lucky year overall, 3 out of 4 pillars show clashing elements with only one pillar having harmonious combination of elements. This means that while we are very lucky, especially compared to last year, there are still issues that need to be contended with and cures that you will need to put in place by February 4th to ensure that all goes as smoothly as you would like. I am recommending certain changes to your annual feng shui this year, including moving from the most afflicted area if your bedroom happens to be located there or if your home faces or sits in one of these directions. But first, let me explain the annual Paht Chee chart and why these changes are necessary. And remember, feng shui above all is about common sense, so if a recommendation does not feel right or make sense to you, don’t do it!

The year’s Paht Chee chart shows a single wood element surrounded by abundant fire in 3 of the 4 pillars (3 fire elements in total.) Because wood represents creative strategy, this means that there will be less emphasis on creative ways of thinking or implementing solutions this year. The focus will more likely be on strategic maneuvering involving personal displays of power and being the first one to the punch (or counterpunch). This does not mean, however, that creativity will cease to exist in the world but likely that there will be less emphasis on research, ingenuity or out-of-the box thinking and that new products and inventions will result from existing (proven) technologies that have been re-packaged, re-vamped or re-imagined for a new market. Anything that reworks something already known in order to make it better, faster, stronger, helps people do more, work more efficiently or produce more with less will do well this year. The winners will be those that run the race the fastest and the first ones to market because, as I explain later in this report, it is also a highly competitive year!

There are 2 metal elements in the chart representing plenty of available cash and resources to be tapped into. Strong metal energy also encourages self-discipline and cutting through red tape. This is the year to focus with laser like intent on setting and achieving even the most audacious goals for self re-invention, self-transformation, personal advancement and wealth creation! The opportunity is there, the stars are aligned and you are urged on to Victory!

The presence of 3 fire elements in the year’s charts is where we derive exciting wealth creation luck but along with it also comes the aggressive, hyper-competitive conflicts that this energy portends. This combined with the 3 earth elements present in the charts representing strong use of personal power, and self-centered power plays, a theme for the year emerges- Maintain disciplined cool in this fiery year and focus mainly on your self, your personal goals. In order to fully capitalize on the many opportunities surrounding you this year, be smart enough to avoid being engaged in power struggles caused by clashing egos. Using strategy over aggression and setting big, audacious goals for yourself are the keys to wealth and success in 2017.

There is also strong water energy in the charts this year with 3 water elements showing up. This signals ultra-competitive energy, the type with potential to turn your and others ambition ugly through backstabbing friends or your competition using underhanded tactics like rumors and gossip. Remember, this year everyone will be out for themselves and some will have lower standards than you! Your integrity will be tested along with those around you. Rely on your intuition and strong inner moral compass to stay true to your high standards of personal conduct and do not trust others too easily this year, even those you may have trusted in the past.

Also, do not expect others to agree with you so easily this year. More likely you will run into people with strong opinions of their own that are not so eager to hear yours. The clashing of the elements brings more clashes in all (ego based) relationships including business relations this year so rather than go out of your way to try to convince others of your way of seeing things, remember that this year you will be better off holding your cards closer to your chest and keeping your opinions to yourself. The energies of the year will cause people to be more impatient and want to move and see results quickly. Positively charged cures placed in your Money and Success direction as well as your other good directions are needed to protect your energy levels from being drained. If you do not already know your good directions according to your Ming Gua or “Kua" number, find one of the many Kua calculators online and look them up!

Mentor luck is also strong- while earthly resources are abundant this year, the Star of Powerful Mentors makes its appearance urging you to take advantage of the immense human resources available to you. Take the time to nurture relationships with the movers, shakers, and leaders in your field. Get yourself a mentor this year! Already know of one? Place a picture of the rich, wise, powerful mentor that you welcome into your life this year in the NW corner of your home or office. Then, BELIEVE that you have mentor luck on your side and invite them to lunch. Be ready to offer a service in exchange for their help if needed, and at the very least make it a pleasurable exchange for them by being polite but not overly eager to bend over backwards for them otherwise you set yourself up to being taken advantage of. Be confident, be relative in the type of mentor you seek (as in, have some experience, education, etc. in the arena you are asking to be mentored in.) If you are asked by someone younger than you, respond in kind! The good karma returned to you by helping and mentoring others is indeed a selfish act since you ultimately are the one that benefits!

Other special stars appearing in the charts for 2017 are the Star of Scholastic Brilliance. Those born this year will be blessed with outstanding scholarly aptitude and mental sharpness. And for those looking for love, the appearance of the Peach Blossom star makes 2017 an excellent year to not only meet someone but increases your chances that you will meet someone and also get married.

I cannot tell you how powerful it is to activate your personal Peach Blossom luck by placing your peach Blossom animal activator in the following area of your bedroom. It truly seems to work like magic for those asking the universe to deliver their special someone. Rather than silently hoping that you will meet someone, activate your luck, believe it will happen, then don’t just sit around waiting for them to fall from the sky! Ask those you trust to introduce you to someone. Chances are that this year you will find the “one.”So, if you want to get married this year, get serious about meeting someone but first activate your Peach Blossom luck!


While it might feel more difficult to get going or to get new projects underway in the beginning of the year due to the clashing chart elements, do not lose hope of healing renewal and major upward growth. Think in terms of re-birth and re-invention on a soul level and finally aligning with your soul’s purpose this year. In 2017, the lunar new year occurs before the calendar year therefore ushering in the year with “two springs” or what is known in feng shui as a double “lap chun.” Lap chun is the name of the first day of spring in Chinese. The Chinese believe that if the calendar year (based on the solar/Gregorian calendar) begins without a lap chun (based on the Lunar Chinese New Year), there will be weak overall luck for that year. So, the luck of spring and new beginnings is very much on your side!

In the olden days, the Chinese would wait for lap chun to begin farming and also wait to marry their children in a year with lap chun, especially preferring a double lap chun year. A year that is missing lap chun is also said to be missing abundance, so in a double lap chun year there is double wealth potential! It also doubles your innate powers of growth, renewal and your potential to create a life and life style that represents what you truly, deeply desire. This along with the #1 White Star reigning at the center of the Lo Shu square makes 2017 an excellent time to start new projects, begin a new business, get married, move into a new home, or start a family!

Surround yourself with images and symbols of spring now and through February, adding fresh flowers especially in the color yellow, images of birds and birds nests with several eggs, as ways to bump up the energies of renewal, upward growth and get a head start on the lap chun luck coming in the spring of the New Year.

Also expect a strong overall urge to make changes this year and to set ambitions goals for yourself. Take note of what changes your heart truly desires and make the effort to see these changes through otherwise frustration could begin to weigh you down. However, it is not a good year to end things as this would be working against these special and lucky energies. Ending things such as relationships through divorce or trying to get out of existing contracts do not bode well in an ultra-competitive, fiery year (think drawn out court cases and other lengthy battles.) You might find it more beneficial this year to take the essence of spring and the promise of new beginnings and imbue your old, tired relationships or marriage with fresh, spring chi and easy warmth.

With the year’s animal being a mighty, fierce, fighting bird of passion, vision and ambition, this is an excellent year to invite birds into your home. Figurines of the powerful, Fire Rooster and other images of birds such as eagles always represent opportunity in feng shui but this year take on even more important symbolism. Remember, everything around you emits an energy, even the little knick-knacks you have surrounding you. The most important aspect is to intentionally place your statues to act as constant, visual reminders of the abundant opportunities that surround you. Just make sure that any birds in your home are situated to fly INTO your home rather than out of your home.

Wealth and Industry Growth Outlook

The Stock market, which is a fire element industry, will do well this year, especially in the first half when there is wood element in the Paht Chee chart to fuel the fires. Expect for the stock market to cool around the end of March and then see Real Estate markets go hot hot hot in June and July, the timing of which could also be due in part to looming bank and loan rate hike(s) likely to be on the horizon in mid-to-late summer.

Metal industries (jewelry, gold, silver, steel and nickel, etc.) will be extremely competitive this year pointing to highly competitive world markets for metals and aggressive, unruly trade in metal products/commodities. For example, don't be surprised to see Chinese steel exports come under stricter regulations under the new pro-America Trump administration. With new trade negotiations like these likely to be under way, we may be witness to skyrocketing prices for precious and semi-precious metals along with increased production and output of American-sourced fossil fuels, especially coal.

Without a doubt, expect the world financial markets to be shaken up this year with new trade negotiations and revamped tax policy promised by Trump’s new pro-America and pro-growth administration. It will be interesting to see which pole wins in this seemingly bi-polar year: will it be Rooster’s metal-like discipline or the year’s fiery passion? Only time will tell…

On the global front, with a #1 Universal year ahead fueled by an abundance of fire, there are signs of continued power struggles (what’s new here you ask?!) and continued danger of isolated terrorist attacks. We may also witness a call for more active military involvement as aide to our international allies abroad. In world diplomacy the abundance of water in the charts signals fierce competition and an unwillingness to be persuaded but also that friendships forged earlier in the year could keep altercations in the diplomatic realm and aggressive actions will be avoided as long as egos are subdued. Don’t expect this to be a sweetheart scenario where two leaders are blinded by bromance but rather expect a strong show of force and will needed to keep other political powers’ egos in check (Trump vs. Putin- will ego or strategy win!?). Only time will tell.

With Huge Blessings for a wonderful year!